What is Lasal?

Positioning on the body’s terms

We are a company with more than 20 years’ experience of providing positioning products for all branches of the healthcare sector. Our solutions are about relieving the user’s body, providing support and good positioning in countless situations. We have a distributor network throughout Scandinavia, much of Europe and in Japan.

Good positioning is tailored to the individual’s needs and varies according to activities during the course of a day. In this way, good positioning helps to maintain and strengthen the body’s physical resources. The solution results in improved quality of life, comfort and well-being on the body’s own terms.

You find our products:

  • In hospitals
  • In institutions for disabled children and adults
  • In dental clinics
  • In home care services
  • In nursing homes and day care centres
  • In schools
  • In private homes

Can we help you?
The main reason to support and stabilise the body is preventive. At LASAL we seek to limit the complications that can result from immobility. We have therefore developed a wide range of products for positioning, which allow the individual to utilise his or her own resources.

If you have any questions or need guidance about how our range of products can help you, or if you want to know where you can buy our products outside Denmark, see our distributor list here or contact us.